Design a logo to suit PACE’s new brand and create a branding guideline.

After completing the website re-design and copy re-write, we moved on to creating concepts for a new logo to suit PACE’s new brand identity. Jess worked closely with a creative associate to come up with themes and ideas that we found vital to the brand, and then they became aspects of the logo.

When discussing with the client how she would like to best describe her business (as a business psychology coach), we noticed that she mentioned how businesses break down into four key pillars of work – individuals, teams, organisations, and systems – and how she could intervene in any of these stages and create a positive shift in all stages. We incorporated this ‘four pillar system’ into the website and its ‘What we do’ page, and so felt it was important to see this analogy visually in the logo. The four lines coming from the ‘P’ represent these four pillars, as well as acting as a play on the word ‘pace’ by adding an element of movement and speed to the image.

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