The goal for both Cheap Cuts Short Documentary Festival and Wales International Documentary Festival was to increase the engagement rate for each social media platform, gain a wider audience reach, post more regularly, post engaging and relevant content, and promote ticket sales and festival attendance.

For each festival, we began by discussing with the client what their desired outcome was, how much time they wanted devoting to social media, and what they wanted their online presence to say about them.

Social Media Handles (2017)

  • Facebook:@cheapcutsfest

Engagement rate:

  • Facebook: Growth from 2.81% to 4.02%

Audience Reach:

  • Facebook: Growth from a range of 0-600 to a range of 50 – 1.5K

Post frequency:

  • Facebook: Growth from 0-2 posts per week to minimum 1 post every other day.


  • Facebook: Created competitions to encourage post engagement.
  • Other: Reviewed x5 film submissions per week to assist with the selection process prior to taking over Facebook scheduling.

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