HWB Inspiration is a joint venture of Aspire Ltd and PACE Ltd, through which they provide the tools to create an environment that encourages health and wellbeing in the workplace. We were asked to design a logo to use across their social media channels, that could also be used on reports, business cards, infographics, and when the time comes, a website. Both PACE and Aspire share a signature shade of green featured in their logos, so we decided to maintain this for HWB Inspiration in order to set a strong brand tone, as well as the relationship between the three entities.

After brainstorm sessions, sketching, and various advice & feedback sessions with the client, we created a selection of logo styles to represent their brand:


Figure 1: Minimalist logo. The letters H, W, and B make the bulb, representing ‘inspiration.’ The signature shade of green is also present here.

Figure 2: Tall logo. Text is included beneath the bulb feature.


Figure 3: Wide logo. Text is included at the right of the bulb feature.

A full branding guideline was also created to support these logos. You can see elements of the HWB branding on both the PACE and Aspire websites.

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