This client had never felt the need to build a website for his business but, to keep up with competitors in an increasingly digital market, he came to me with requests and concerns for the project. He wanted people to be able to find his business in ways other than word-of-mouth.

We suggested:

  • A website explaining the services they offer, with a gallery of previous work
  • Blog posts discussing rendering and plastering, to bring traffic to the website
  • A Facebook page to advertise his services as well as bring traffic to the website
  • A logo, to build a brand personality that could be recognised on the site, across social media, and in any correspondence

As the client was uncomfortable with the idea of adding to his own website, I talked him through what I was doing and discussed the upkeep of his social media accounts with him. He now feels more comfortable with technology and was happy with the outcome of his site.

The logo:

We created two layout options for his logo; a wider option to top his website page, and a more compact option for social media accounts and correspondence. Their colour scheme was based on existing branding from leaflets and business cards that the client wanted to embody in his new online presence.

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