What we offered:

Product descriptive copy, ‘Our Story’ copy, and copy for an advertising banner. Working from some key phrases and ideas from the client, and re-wording ‘Our Story’ from anecdotal content created by the client.

The brief:

Please use my examples to create content for the website, explaining what I’m trying to say but in better language. Make all the flavours stand out like an experience and let the customer feel drawn in. I want the whole luxurious relaxed beach feeling that I am trying to get represented in the text somewhere but in ‘more subtle’ words. If you could include it’s the most popular tea drank in Mauritius. Teas the most popular British beverage so I’m trying to give them a more luxurious relaxed feeling through this particular tea. ‘Taking away the stress of everyday through this tea’ for example. Maybe mention it has travelled from so far somewhere in there?’

Updated content:

Our business is to deliver to you a range of luxury teas that have been individually infused to bring serenity to the body and soul through the senses. Our tea is grown and imported from a small estate in Mauritius, famed for its premium tea leaves. They are grown and nurtured together to be enjoyed together. They are then gently infused so you can sit back, relax, and let them soothe you in the comfort of your own home. This experience comes through the delicious addition of high quality leaves and infusions to Britain’s traditionally favourite beverage.

Updated banner work:

1- Premium leaves grown in Mauritius’ blissful climate
2- Grown together in a quaint environment, unsullied and unmixed, to be enjoyed together
3- Captures the soothing properties of the teas home climate, with infusions to induce a desired mood or cleanse the soul through a sensuous experience

Final Product Description:

Let your senses take you to the elusive highlands of Mauritius, where these delicate leaves have been nurtured by the island’s warmth. A faultlessly crafted flavour made from the finest leaves, it preserves the luxury that has been enjoyed by locals for centuries.

Final Flavour Description:

Aromatic and smooth, this vanilla infusion brings relaxation with its sweet and creamy flavour.

Signature Black Tea:
A rich and full-bodied experience, in a smoother blend to be enjoyed every day.

Ceylon Blend Vanilla:
Infused with vanilla for sweetness, these calming leaves are blended with Ceylon for a deeper, luxurious flavour.

Ceylon Black Tea:
Rich and full bodied, these leaves are blended with Ceylon for a deeply sumptuous black tea.

Benefits of Fifi’s Paradise Tea:
Bursting with antioxidants.
Luxurious leaves from one of Earth’s most immaculate environments.
Grown free of pesticides for a full, unsullied flavour.

Our Story:

This tea has a personal, cultural significance to me and it is one which I wish to share with England. Being of Mauritian heritage and living in London, I feel that I am uniquely positioned to share these leaves and help to teach this country about my heritage.

I had been lounging in a hotel lobby, overlooking Mauritius’ crystal waters and palm trees that moved with the unsullied air. There were no clouds in sight and I had forgotten what it meant to be stressed or in a hurry. I was living in the present and enjoying my senses. Through a lifetime of family holidays, this place had become a tranquil getaway for me and I found myself wishing I could bring this feeling back to London. I wished that my English friends could share a small piece of my luxury while I took a sip of my tea.

Sunny mornings in Mauritius were incomplete without being awoken by the sweet scent of the native tea. The milk boiling in its metal pan exuded its aroma as the leaves mixed with it, filling the rooms and making my mouth water. Bringing samples back to London with me at the end of each holiday was how I had always held on to the serenity I had felt for a few weeks longer. I had given it to friends in England who wanted to learn about Mauritian culture, sending their taste buds on an adventure each time I returned. Tea is undoubtedly a cherished British tradition, so I had always thought of these beverages as a perfect stepping stone for my English friends to understand where I was coming from.

It was in that hotel lobby that I decided not to just bring back a simple selection of teas for my friends to try, but to find a way to offer this taste of luxury to all those living in England, so that they could have moments of serenity without having to travel from their homes.

Not only do these teas have a unique cultural complexity behind them, they are also of exceptional quality. They are grown in Mauritius which boasts the world’s second purest air quality, meaning they have clean, unique and complex flavours to offer. The leaves also offer high antioxidant activity, and drinkers can let their senses take control and transport them to their own Mauritian paradise. This is why I am so excited to share this product, as I believe it stands apart from any other teas currently in the British market.

It can be used to assist you in starting your day, ridding you of that ‘Monday morning feeling’ or, perhaps instead as an afternoon tea enjoyed alone peacefully or socially. If an evening beverage is preferred then the versatile range of flavours on offer mean that the teas can also be enjoyed as an after-dinner sweet. It was vital for me to offer this experience to those in this country at whatever time of day they most need their serene escape. For this reason there are flavours appropriate for any scenario, and each one takes just three minutes to brew to perfection.

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