NHS R&D host a yearly conference to bring together researchers from all over the North-West of England. Each year, they focus on innovative ways to promote creativity, communication, and collaboration across healthcare in the UK. This year their theme was community, and we were asked to run their social media campaign for the day using the hashtag #LTRCONF17. This hashtag was noticed internationally due to the increase in activity during our campaign – we made it our mission to get people talking.

Due to the key target audience for NHS R&D NW being mostly healthcare and business professionals, the campaign was held solely on Twitter, with tweets also being shared via the NHS R&D NW Facebook account. A large part of our role on the day was to encourage communication between conference visitors, making sure they continued the conversation digitally, too!

We made sure to document each workshop, event, and speaker on NHS R&D NW’s social media, whilst also capturing the essence of the day’s community feel. To showcase what we achieved on the day, we bought together all the ‘best bits’ of the campaign to tell the story of how the conference went, which you can read here. This write-up is also being used by NHS R&D NW in their marketing operations to date.

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