The Superyacht Group (TSG) invited us to document The Superyacht Forum 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, after seeing the work we completed for British Marine at the Superyacht Design Forum in London earlier that year.

Our work had inspired them to try a vlog-style approach to their event capture as a way to avoid repeating the classic corporate style they had previously been using. The theme of the 2019 forum was “Building for the Next Generation”, so it was important to TSG that the vlogs appealed to a younger audience with a more personal style, whilst also embodying the sleekness and professionalism of the traditional corporate style their stakeholders had come to expect.

You can watch the x3 vlogs, as well as read what TSG had to say about working with us, below!

Vlog of day 1:

Vlog of day 2:

Vlog of day 3:

Photography sample:

Available on request. Please contact us if you are interested in viewing a sample of the event photos.


  • Videography for three event days in Amsterdam, Netherlands, including interviews, b-roll capture, keynote speaker capture, and attending private sponsored partner dinners for capture.
  • Photography of three event days including private sponsored partner dinners.
  • Photo and video was captured across up to 8 locations simultaneously in order to capture the full range of attendees and speakers throughout each day.
  • Video editing including colour grading, sound editing, subtitles, and animated text graphics. The Superyacht Group branding guideline was used for graphics, but creative freedom for the vlog-style was encouraged.
  • Photo editing including colour grading.
  • In-house equipment for photo, video, and sound capture throughout the event.


‘We recently worked with Jess and her team at Hearne Creative on our flagship and largest annual forum. We found Jess’ professionalism, creativity and adaptability to unforeseen circumstances remarkable. We are extremely happy with the series of event videos that were created during the Forum, and we would definitely work with Jess and her team in the future!’ – Jack Roberts, Marketing Manager, The Superyacht Group

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