DBD International, a professional engineering and advisory company for the nuclear industry, were looking for someone to take control of their content and marketing needs in order to revitalise their brand and show prospective clients what they could offer. Hearne Creative were contracted to work with the DBD team over a number of months, and we have used the time so far to provide the following support:

  • Sourcing footage for, and editing, the home-page video on the DBD website
  • Website copy writing & editing
  • Press release writing & sharing
  • Social media posting
  • Pitching, planning, filming, editing, and sharing the “We Are DBD” video (see below)
  • Blog writing for the DBD website, including this blog on why our Creative Director, Jess, enjoys working with DBD
  • Posters outlining DBD’s mission statement and values, to be used within DBD offices in order to encourage staff to internalise those values (see below)
  • Photographing key team members for use as their DBD website headshots, as well as for use on their LinkedIn profiles and on other business-related documents

Through this work, we are assisting DBD to translate complex nuclear industry jargon into content that prospective clients of all backgrounds will be able to digest and appreciate. DBD strive to be different in all that they do, and we believe that by working with us to inject more creativity into their content and marketing, their promotional materials can embody this difference too.

We Are DBD Promotional Video:

Informative two-pagers:

DBD wanted to be able to hand prospective clients a summary “DBD on a page” document for a company overview, as well as for each of their five main areas of business. We liaised with the key decision makers at DBD as well as the department heads for each of their five areas of business to make sure each document represented DBD as creatively but also as accurately as possible. You can view each document via the buttons below.

Mission statement posters:

One of our first tasks with DBD contract was to create a range of posters to brighten up their office space whilst making the company mission statement, values, branding, and policies more accessible to staff.

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