View the completed brochure here.

We have worked on several projects with NHS Research and Development North West that span many of our areas of content creation, and are continuing to do so. As well as a social media campaign, we created an e-brochure for their team to use with prospective clients, investors, and other stakeholders. The aim of the e-brochure is to present the brand personality of NHS R&D NW, as well as their key themes and ways of working, in a concise document that is easily digestible and creative.

This included:

  • Copy writing for each section of the brochure
  • A colour scheme to match their bright logo
  • Symbols to help readers visualise NHS R&D NW’s values; ‘the five C’s’
  • Creating the PDF with live links to allow the document to be presented online as a digital brochure, directing traffic to the NHS R&D NW website
  • Arranging the content to include all necessary copy whilst keeping the design as clean as possible
  • Balancing creativity and professionalism to encompass both their NHS values and creative ideals

We also discussed how the end user may respond to the document and created several drafts which were tested with a variety of audience members. This insured that the NHS R&D NW team were confident with their new business tool, which is now being used to acquire vital connections for their team.

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